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  • charlie jones

    Walmart's decision, made long before the implementation, not only impacted approximately 10,000 workers without prior notice, it stabbed its customers as well, particularly those who used the SAM's club pharmacy. Without notice to both worker and customer, Walmart simply closed 10% of its Sam Stores and then scurried to minimally explain its actions without providing details to either displaced employees or loyal customers. This, friends, is the true heart of this company's management. It made no qualms about destroying down-town mid-American towns, or keeping its employees just below the level that brought about medical coverage. The sad part is that regardless of what we say, they will do it again and again and again.

  • Disqus1451

    One day’s notice is horrific. I’ve been with a company that made many departmental changes and such and employees never had such sort notice. Time to trasfer or find another job was provided. It may not have been enough, by some standards, but not days! I feel terrible for them.

  • NearFallPoints

    Gee Thanks Obama for the store closings.

  • mikevietvet68/69

    who will trump blame when his wall street friends pull all the money out of the stock market? can't blame dems.cause they have no control in wash.but i say after 2018 elections and they win all the elections in the u.s. then the nod will be given to destroy the economy and blame the dems for it as they always do,only thing to do is if you have money get it in your own possession not in the market or the banks as they are not trustworthy institutions...

  • ianemdee

    Shop at Sam's Club.....IF you don't mind standing interminably in too few checkout lines attended by disgruntled employees.

  • mikevietvet68/69

    its there stores but when trumpler and moe green look-a-like mnuchin spout off what a beautiful tax-plan they gave the people then have walmart and all these other corporations lay-off people then they really do believe they can tell us grand stories and and we are to believe them,trump's entire cabinet is a group of elitists and multi-millionaires and they are out to enrich their own families and not further the middle or lower class fortunes.

  • notagain

    This is the "trickle down" you've all been waiting for. See how well it works? smh

  • Tom Adams

    So Walmart cares so much about their employees that it will close these SAM stores overnight? They could have said the stores will close in a week or month so that the employees could at least have a little time to get prepared, but instead they let the employees show up for work to find the stores are closed.

  • Eva

    Where are the Trump supporters now? Yesterday they all bent over for Trump and his tax cuts being the only reason Wal-Mart increased wages, but now 10,000 jobs are at risk so they can save money.

    It's Carrier all over again.

  • Jack25

    10000 jobs list. Are we winning yet?

  • Sejal

    Sams club just proved that the tax cut benefits they received from Trump only resulted in putting more money in the corporation's pockets and in the screwing over of lower income people.

  • Paul Luman

    What about those who have been there a little over a year, making $10 and hour? Those that come in new make $11 an hour and then make $12 an hour after training? Where's my $2 an hour pay raise? Even if I received a $200 a bonus, it only covers the first month.

  • murray

    some gains, lots of pains with lost jobs.

  • Arryandan

    It's interesting to see what big business is doing with their tax-breaks. It LOOKS like they are taking the cash and running away from "job creations".

  • Tyler U

    Here’s the real reason Walmart increased their wages: online retailers, like amazon, have them dead to rights when it comes to people’s preference to shop online, and be able to get the product they want, when they want it. Amazon benefits by not having to stock products in physical retail locations, so they save a ton of money. Amazon also pays their employees around $15 an hour, which, at this point in time, is about on par with the cost of living (I believe actual par is $16)

    Physical retailers, such as Target, and stores in my area, like Crest, WinCo, etc, offer better pricing, more local selections (as opposed to product imported fro countries like Bengladesh, where Walmart has most of its good produced at well-below minimum wage prices, and where there are virtually no labor laws, and poor working conditions dominate), and they also pay their employees more. Walmart cannot compete anymore, and thanks to capitalism, they don’t have much of a choice, but to get with the program, lower prices, and pay their employees more. Unfortunately, Walmart is still very finicky when it comes to doing that.

    They won’t be able to compete once other local retailers push toward $15/hour wages, and they will never be able to touch Amazon when it comes to online retail. I’d love to see Walmart fail here in the US, so some other, more worthy entity can step up and do things better.

    People only shop at Walmart because it’s convenient. I shop there because it is literally right down the street, and there are two of them within a 2 mile radius of me. It has nothing to do with their product, how they treat their customers/employees, or that they offer “everyday low prices.” It is literally convenience, and once something else becomes more convenient, they’re out.

    I literally only go to Walmart for groceries, and I don’t even go inside; I use their online grocery. Convenience. When WinCo foods (who offers more product, at lower prices), or amazon starts doing the same thing in my area, Walmart is out, especially if they start delivering my groceries to my door.

  • Tyler U

    “The company said the wage increase benefits all hourly U.S. workers at its stores, including Sam's Club, as well as hourly employees at its websites, distribution centers and its Bentonville, Arkansas, headquarters. A one-time bonus will be given to those Walmart employees who won't receive a pay raise. The amount, between $200 and $1,000, depends on how long they worked at the company. Walmart said those being laid off at Sam's Club will still receive a bonus.”

    This doesn’t make sense. They say this pay raise will benefit all workers, but then immediately state that it won’t, but that those who don’t get a pay increase will get a one time bonus... double talk, huh?

    Further, they talk about the benefits all of these full-time workers get, but every single person I’ve ever known and talked to, who has worked at Walmart, has never been full time, since Walmart doesn’t want to pay the benefits. Are there even full time employees at Walmart? It seems the only full time employees are managers, who already make this kind of pay.

    So, Walmart gets a massive pat on the back for paying their part time employees, what, $100-$200 a week before taxes? (Most people I’ve talked to get 10-20 hours a week, if that). That’s IF they are included in the pay raise.

    And in exchange, they lay off 10,000 other employees?

    Walmart is doing a terrible job trying to make themselves look good...

  • GarfieldRocks

    What a nasty way to do it. Just put locks on the doors and let the workers find out they don't have jobs when they report for work. Pretty CS.

  • Randy rjjd

    Job losses continuing to mount as republican trickle down policies take hold.

  • GarfieldRocks

    Everyone that's sitting around telling themselves that it was because of that wonderful tax cut that people are getting raises and bonuses. Now you know that those raises and bonuses are nothing more than blood money where other people lose their jobs.

  • Leslie Davis

    Walmart is a private company and if they choose to close stores it's their business.
    Trying to make them out as evil is evil. When did you do anything that created anything for anyone else? Ask yourself that if you're complaining about Walmart.
    I was at a Walmart last week and saw a profile of people working there that we should be pleased are not in jail.

  • Fred

    a company raking in 468 billion, shouldnt have employees on assistance, if they cant pay the workers, the workers need to go elsewhere, we , the tax payers need to stop the corp gravy train.

  • 0bsoleteMan

    Why is the idea of a private business closing down an unprofitable store such a foreign concept to so many?

    Has anyone been paying attention to the retail sector in the past 20 years? If anything we will continue to see more closures.

  • kritikosman

    Balancing the pay scale.

  • LewTwo

    Good news: You will be getting a raise if you still had a job.

  • Guy Norbury

    This is where they are getting the money for those raises. Dont count on getting that rtaise. Last time they talked about doing something for their workers it was a scam.